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Retain and grow

Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen offers flexible solutions for the allocation and management of assets:

  • Our fiduciary management strategy beat the Russian stock market by 84% between 2012 and 2017 — our clients earned an annual 18.7% rate of return in rubles
  • Opening of accounts for controlled foreign corporations (CFC), tax agent services, support for the liquidation of a CFC and transfer of assets to the account of the beneficiary
  • Fiduciary management of targeted funds according to Federal Law 275-FZ (endowment funds)
  • Safety deposit services, maintainance of records of securities in registers
  • Savings account pegged to a market indicator
  • Short-term deposits
  • Allocation of resources in US dollars according to rates, that exceed the deposits’ rate of return in Russian banks
  • US dollar investments protected from losses with no tax consequences from overvaluation in Russian rubles
  • Repatriation of proceeds from the sale or redemption of securities in accordance with the requirements of Russian Federation foreign exchange legislation